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CS Wamalwa Commissions Fish Processing Plant in Kakamega



Devolution CS Hon Eugene Wamalwa during Commissioning of Lutonye Fish Plant Photo: KNA

Devolution Cabinet Secretary (CS), Eugene Wamalwa, has urged Kakamega residents to embrace diversification into unexploited enterprises, including aquaculture for better returns.

Wamalwa encouraged the farmers to take advantage of a fish processing plant at Lutonyi farm in Kakamega town to upscale fish production and utilize it optimally.

He said Kakamega County has great potential in aquaculture which is yet to be fully exploited for the benefit of the residents.

The CS was speaking in Kakamega during the commissioning of Lutonye fish processing plant.

Governor Wycliffe Oparanya said the plant has a capacity to process 30 metric tonnes of fish per day and it would provide a ready market for farmers in the 14-member Lake Region Economic Block (LREB).

The Governor stated that his Administration has already constructed a perimeter wall around the factory and tarmacked the road from Kakamega-Webuye highway at Bukhungu stadium to provide easy access to the plant.

Oparanya said the National Government initially pumped Sh60 million into the construction of the facility during the Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) in the year 2009-2012, adding that as a County they have constructed fish feed warehouse at a cost of Sh20 million.

Meanwhile, the County boasts of 6,976 fish farmers with 9,988 fish ponds and has a potential to produce a total of 1,798 metric tonnes of fish in a seven-month production cycle.

“We appreciate the DAS Group Kenya Limited for investing over Sh40 million to upgrade the facility to meet all the requirements that qualified it to export fish to the much-coveted European Union (EU) market,” the Governor observed.

The Swedish Ambassador to Kenya, Caroline Vicini, assured the farmers of a ready export market in the European Union (EU).

She said aquaculture would provide a viable economic frontier for the residents who mainly rely on sugarcane and maize for commercial and subsistence purposes.

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Why Mbaluka is Next Machakos Senator: Kavindu Yet to Make Maiden Speech



Today is 1st April, 2022, a total of 373 days since Agnes Kavindu Muthama was sworn as in as 3rd Machakos Senator on 23rd March 2021. But Senator Kavindu is yet to make her maiden speech in the Senate. Indeed, as of today, the last words that came from the mouth of Senator Kavindu from the floor of the Senate is “Help me God.”

This should serve as a lesson to Machakos residents who voted her thinking they are punishing Hon Johnstone Muthama. The count went from having a robust and firebrand Senator in the person of Late Dr. Boniface Kabaka to having a person who cannot speak English to save herself from thirst in the person of Kavindu (whose name aptly means impeding darkness).

In 131 Days, People of Machakos shall have an opportunity to vote for another Senator. They must not make the same mistake they did last time. Thankfully, Wakili Joel Kyatha Mbaluka has graciously agreed to suspend his gubernatorial ambitions to vie for Senator to offer his people the oversight and representation they urgently need.

Machakos County have no choice but to elect Hon Wakili Joel Kyatha Mbaluka to the last man come Tuesday 9th August 2022. Wakili Mbaluka has what it takes to square out with fellow counsel at the Senate. He has the academic papers, he is articulate, he has the integrity and he has the knowledge to deliver as Machakos Senator.

Wakili Mbaluka holds Masters in Public Finance Management, which is what Machakos County residents need to stop the kleptocracy that Machakos has come to be known for. People of Machakos, please don’t elect another illiterate or someone who has been part of what is wrong at Machakos County. Give Wakili Mbaluka a chance to deliver for you as Senator.

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Kitui West MP Contest Becomes a Two-Horse Race as Muasya Leads Incumbent



The Leading Kitui West MP Candidate Hon Ben Muasya who is ahead of the incumbent and is tipped to topple her.

The Kitui West MP Race has come down to a Two-Horse Race between the incumbent Edith Nyenze and the Incoming MP Hon Ben Muasya who is the obvious choice of majority of the Constituents. The People of Kitui West appear to have had enough of the Nyenze and Wambua Dynasties especially now with Mrs Nyenze is MP with her brother as Kitui Senator. The People are determined to elect Hon Ben Muasya as the Kitui West MP for a breath of fresh air, new ideas and better representation.

Kitui West Constituents have mainly been endeared to Hon Ben Muasya by his innovative development approach which has seen him pioneer key empowerment projects including table banking and small business support projects across Kitui West. In doing this, Hon Ben Muasya has been leveraging his strong credentials as a Management Consultant of international standing and leading businessman in the country. His projects have so far benefitted thousands of Kitui West Residents directly with many more benefiting indirectly.

In turn, this has caught the eyes of many including UDA Presidential Candidate and Deputy President Dr. William Ruto who has not only hailed Hon Ben Muasya Projects as a case study of how leaders can implement his Bottom Up Economic Model at the Constituency level to transform the lives of their constituents. As a result, the first trip Dr. William Ruto made to Kitui County was to Hon Ben Muasya’s home to engage with beneficiaries of his empowerment projects as well as to undertake a fundraising in support of scaling up the project.

Indeed, the popularity of Hon Ben Muasya has not only made all the potential opponents he had for the UDA ticket to switch to support him or defect to another party, it is said to be giving the incumbent MP sleepless nights. Having done nothing tangible with her CDF since taking over after the By-Election, Mrs Nyenze is hard-pressed to explain to wananchi in Kitui West how Hon Ben Muasya could do more than her in so short a time without the benefit of the CDF kitty.

Four months to the election and as party nomination draw near a close, Kitui West Residents are getting ready for a showdown between Hon Ben Muasya, the popular favourite as the newcomer, and Hon Edith Nyenze, who is weighed down by the weight of incumbency and voter apathy due to her unimpressive development record. The difference between these two leaders is like day and night. No question much is in store for Kitui West Residents and the next four months are going to be epic for Kitui West.

It is clear that Hon Ben Muasya is ready to turn things upside down to ensure service delivery for Kitui West residents. On the other hand, Mrs Nyenze is busy fighting to maintain the status quo and trying to defend her dismal record. She has tried everything including blaming the Covid-19 pandemic for her poor performance but Kitui West residents have had enough. Majority of Kitui West Residents are waiting for 9th August 2022 to usher in Hon Ben Muasya as their next MP.

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Friends of Ruto (FORM Kenya) Condemns Violence Against DP in Kisumu

Walter Trenk, Secretary General of FORM KENYA and the UDA Senatorial Aspirant for Nairobi County has condemned the chaos unleashed by hired goons to disrupt Ruto meeting in Kondele, Kisumu county.



Image of one of the Cars in Ruto Entourage which was stoned by Hired Goons in Kondele, Kisumu County

We at FORM KENYA ( Friends of Ruto Movement – Kenya) do hereby wish to condemn, in the strongest terms possible, the cowardly acts of hooliganism and violence witnessed today in Kisumu during the Deputy President, Dr. William Ruto’s tour of the Nyanza region. We call upon the police to move with speed and arrest the perpetrators of the primitive acts of violence.

Violence and political intolerance has no place in our politics in the twenty first century. Every politician should be allowed to sell their agenda to every part of the country unhindered and without fear of intimidation or violence.

A few weeks ago, the Cabinet Secretary for Interior, Dr. Fred Matiang’i led a group of government functionaries in what was claimed to be a meeting to plan on ensuring that Kenyans are given a free, fair and credible election. An opportunity has presented itself for them to demonstrate to Kenyans and the entire world that they are ready, able and Wiling to live up to this onerous task.

We expect arrests and arraignment of the criminals within the next twenty four hours, failure of which, we will be left with no option but to believe that the government security agencies were involved in the macabre acts and are incapable of providing security to the citizens.

Walter Trenk, Secretary General, FORM KENYA & UDA Senatorial Aspirant, Nairobi County.


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