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Jacque Maribe Launches Her Eponymous YouTube Show



The Jacque Maribe Show Host, TV Personality Jacque Maribe | Photo: Courtesy

Former News anchor Jacque Maribe is set to debut a new show called The Jacque Maribe Show this Sunday, July 18th on her YouTube channel. Her first guest for the premiere episode is the President of the Law Society of Kenya, Nelson Havi.

Announcing the show on her social media pages, Jacque said, “A new show is born…introducing…The Jacque Maribe Show. LSK President Nelson Havi is gracing our screens on the show. Catch us on our YouTube page, Sunday 8 pm, on The Jacque Maribe Show.”

Jacque had previously been the host of the YouTube show The Hot Seat which is now hosted by Sarah Mwangi.

YouTube has become one of the more favoured platforms by both Kenyan creators and journalists to share their unfiltered creative and investigative work.

The Jacque Maribe Show will premiere at 8pm July 18th only on YouTube.

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Review: Journal of Conflict Management and Sustainable Development, Vol. 7 Issue 1



Dr. Kariuki Muigua PhD is a leading light in prolific academic writing, research and editing, innovation in the publishing peer-reviewed research and mentorship of future academics and authors especially in the areas of dispute resolution, conflict management and sustainable development in Africa and beyond.  This is amply demonstrated by the quality of content and consistency of publication of the two main academic journals founded and edited by Dr. Muigua, Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution (now in its 9th Volume) and Journal of Conflict Management and Sustainable Development (now in its 7th Volume).

These two journals are not only the standard bearer in their respective fields but have become beacons of hope for emerging academics and researchers looking for an outlet to disseminate their ideas into the world. The latest issue of the Journal of Conflict Management and Sustainable Development published ahead of the schedule at the beginning of this week bears this out. In this Issue 1 of Volume 7 of the Journal, Dr. Muigua presents 239 pages of very riveting menu of eleven (11) of the finest writings by nine (9) of the best minds in the conflict management and sustainable development in Kenya led by himself.

Some of the anchor articles of this 1st issue include Dr. Kariuki Muigua’s two articles. The first article, Sustainable Development Goals and Social Justice in Kenya, makes a case for promotion of social justice in Kenya as a step towards achieving the sustainable development agenda. The second article, Giving Natural Resources a Legal Personality: A Kenyan Perspective, is a critique of the current approach in natural resources management in both international and national laws which is mostly anthropocentric and advocates for an approach that strikes a balance between ecocentrism/biocentrism and anthropocentrism approaches.

In addition, Dr. Kenneth W. Mutuma has written on Protection of the Environment during Armed Conflict. The article discusses the impact of war on the environment and the response that the law has had on issues of environmental destructions during situations of armed conflicts in African context. Doreen Olembo’s contributed twin article, (Re) Defining Environmental Justice: Perspectives and Challenges and A Critical Analysis of the Human Rights Approach in Environmental Management in Kenya. The first Paper attempts to look at the definition of Environmental Justice from various angles to bring out the different perceptions around it. The second reviews application of the human rights approach in environment matters in Kenya, challenges in the adoption and the way forward.

Kibet Brian’s article title: Leaving no One Behind: A Case for The Ending of Digital Exclusion of Women for Sustainable Development in Kenya offers a refreshing perspective in advocating for the bridging of the gender digital divide to ensure active and meaningful participation of women in digital arena by crafting policies and legislations on the digital field that meet the specific needs of women and girls. Esther N. Kanyangi’s paper, Towards Legal recognition and Protection of Environmentally Displaced Persons under Refugee Law, argues for the need to broaden the definition of a refugee to ensure adequate protection for environmentally displaced persons under the current Refugee Legal Framework.

The issue also carries two papers analyzing the recent armed conflict in Africa. First is Harry N. Njoroge’s article, The First Liberian Civil War (1989-1997): The Ethnic Identity Contingency during the Violent Conflict, to show how ethnic identity and ethnic mobilization shaped the First Liberian War and played a salient role and subsequent conflicts. Further, Henry K. Murigi in the paper, East Africa Community’s’ Response to Burundi Crisis: A Case for Formulation of an Intervention Policy, considers the applicability of the provision of the treaty on the East Africa Community on peace and security and, drawing from the conflict in Burundi and the response of the EAC, offers recommendation that could be employed to enhance peace and security in Community.

Finally, Dr. Muigua hosts two articles on burning national issues with a bearing to conflict management and resolution, namely, the status of internship as an employment relationship and rethinking national legal aid service. In the article titled, Internship: A Bridge to Employment or a Trap to a Disguised Employment Relationship? Dr. Johana K. Gathongo shows that the current internship arrangement in Kenya poses several thorny employment law questions particularly the legal status of the intern. In the paper, Rethinking The National Legal Aid Service, Onyango A. Okoth critiques the Legal Aid Act arguing that it places many burdens on the shoulders of the National Legal Aid Service that gobble resources and facilities which would otherwise have been used in ensuring and expanding legal justice for the indigent.

Dr. Muigua manages to highlight contributions by senior academics including Dr. Johana K. Gathongo, Acting Dean of School of Law, University of Embu, Dr. Kenneth W. Muthuma, a Senior Lecturer and legal practitioner and himself, a Senior Lecturer at University of Nairobi and one of Kenya’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Experts and Scholars. He also serves contributions by doctoral students including Mr. Harry N. Njoroge, and Henry Murigi, both currently undertaking their doctoral studies at United States International University (USIU) Africa in international relations and conflict management.

Dr. Muigua is also able to give young and upcoming scholars a break to make their debut in academic writing and shine alongside the luminaries. Doreen Olembo is currently undertaking her Masters in Environmental Law at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Environmental Law and Policy (CASELAP) at the University of Nairobi, Kibet Brian is a student at the University of Nairobi School of Law in Parklands, Aaron O. Onyango holds Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, University of Nairobi School of Law and is awaiting graduation and Esther N. Kanyangi holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree (2018) from the University of Nairobi and a post graduate diploma from the Kenya School of Law (2021).

Dr. Kariuki Muigua PhD, Founder and Editor of Journal of Conflict Management and Sustainable Development

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Sauti Sol to Highlight Switzerland Festival in October



Sauti Sol Band | Photo: Courtesy

Kenya’s Premier Boy Band Sauti Sol will be performing in the ZEMIX Festival at the Salle de spectacles in Renens, Switzerland this October. The ZIMIX festival is two days annual event that celebrates the cultural diversity in Switzerland and particularly in the western part of Lausanne through jazz and Afro music.

Sauti Sol will be joined by four other African acts, Lady Ponce from Cameroon, Christian Mukuna from Congo and Marcus Lyon from Cameroon, in headlining performances of the “African” segment of the festival on Saturday 2nd October 2021.

This invite is confirmation that the Sauti Sol quartet comprising Chimano, Polycarp, Savara and Bien has not only consolidated their place among the African continent’s leading musicians, it is now conquering the world.

This is not Sauti Sol’s first time performance in Europe; they have toured Sweden, Portugal and will be in Spain later in the year. The group continues to gain international attention, even pulling former president Barack Obama’s attention with the song ‘Sura Yako’.

The ZIMIX Festival is the place to be in the autumn of 2021 to celebrate live music with the Swiss public, all the local cultural players, emerging talents and established artists from Switzerland and abroad.

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“Jerusalema” Vocalist Yet to Cash on the Global Hit



Nomcebo, the South African artist who lent her voice to the global hit “Jerusalema” | Photo: Courtesy

Nomcebo, the South African artist who lent her voice to the global hit “Jerusalema” by Open Mic productions says she has not been paid since the song’s release.

The song gave rise to a viral global challenge that even Kenyan Members of Parliament participated in.

Sharing a statement on social media, the South African said, “Thank you to all the fans of “Jerusalema”, you have made my dreams a reality, with attaining a global hit song. My voice and lyrics have transcended globally, but I still await what is due to me.”

She also thanked her fans and said that their continued support has been her anchor during this difficult time.

“I have not been paid a cent by the label for ‘Jerusalema’ despite the song’s global success. I have been ridiculed, with efforts to marginalize my contribution,” She added.

However, in a statement shared by Open Mic productions, the latter said that no payment had been made to either party because Nomcebo was yet to sign the agreement.

“No payment has been made to either artiste as yet because Nomcebo Zikode is yet to sign the featured artiste agreement that essentially records what was agreed between herself and Master KG prior to the both of them going into the studio to record ‘Jerusalema’,” the statement said.

The production company concluded by saying that payments would be made once the agreement was finalized. The song currently has 421,600,268 views on YouTube.

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