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How Empowerment Turned Ben Muasya into the Top Kitui West MP Contender

“I’ll never engage in politics of pointing fingers or mudslinging. I am all about offering alternatives for the betterment of the livelihoods of our Kitui West constituents,” says Kitui West MP Aspirant Hon Ben Muasya



Leading Kitui West MP Aspirant and Nairobi-based Businessman Hon Ben Muasya

The leading contender for Kitui West MP in 2022 Hon Benedict Muasya is the face of empowerment in Kitui County. He embarked on empowering the members of Kitui West Constituency as a way of giving back to the community in 2007, long before he was ever interested in elected leadership and before empowerment became popularized by Deputy President William Ruto as a key tenet of the Bottom Up Economic. Today, his close association with his personal friend the Dr. Ruto is more about the meeting of minds as both of them believe in the bottom up philosophy in transforming lives of ordinary people as it is about his key position as one of the Kitui County leaders popularizing UDA in Kitui West.

Born to peasant parents 40 years ago in Katheka Sub-Location, Kauwi Ward, Hon Ben Muasya is the product of the kindness of the generosity of others. After excelling in KCPE at Katheka Primary School  emerging the best pupil in KCPE in Kitui County in 1995, he was admitted to Starehe Boys Centre where he was a beneficiary of secondary school scholarship for the entire four years of his study. Upon passing KCSE with distinction and qualifying for admission in Kenyatta University, another benefactor offered to sponsor him to study for the same Degree at Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA).

In return, Hon Ben Muasya has been giving in cash and in kind through mentorship to empower those at the bottom of the pyramid in Kitui West and beyond to achieve self dependency and sustenance. Today, he is the patron of hundreds of Cooperatives, SACCOs, self-help groups (SHGs), community based organizations (CBOs) and table banking groups in Kitui west Constituency which has seen thousands of people benefit under his leadership. In particular, Hon Ben Muasya has been supporting the Grassroot CBOs, SACCOs, SHGs and Table Banking Groups in Kitui West Constituency by boosting their financial status and empowering them. This has helped the Kitui West constituents who are members of the CBOs and the Groups to attain financial independence and proficiency.

“One of the biggest challenges facing our rural folk is lack of affordable finance. As a mitigation, our mums have over the years been practicing their village form of micro finances: Table Banking. Through Table Banking, the women of Kitui West are able to access affordable credit on time for timely interventions as and when need arises. The challenge is that the funds they run are so tiny that not all in need of borrowing get funds. Through a Bottom Up Approach, we have been able to assist more than 480 youth and women groups from Kitui West in the last 3 years,” explains Hon Ben Muasya.

Kitui West MP Aspirant Hon Ben Muasya engaging with Grassroots CBOs and Self-Health Group Members.

These timely interventions have left many Kitui West Constituents convinced that Hon Ben Muasya has what it takes to be their next MP and to help them confront the daily challenges of their lives. According to Hon Ben Muasya, majority of Kitui West Residents are faced with difficulties in financing school fees for their children, inability to access capital without security to start a small business for self-sustenance and a daily struggle to put food on the table for their families everyday.  He noted that this has been exacerbated by Covid-19 pandemic and the drought that is seasonally and currently in many parts of Kitui County and Kitui West and believes only right leadership can turn things around in Kitui West.

“I offer humble leadership that seeks to touch on issues that affect the ordinary mwananchi directly in their daily engagements, a leadership that will consult the people and will take their views to heart and put them to work. I’ll never engage in politics of pointing fingers or mudslinging. I am all about offering alternatives for the betterment of the livelihoods of our Kitui West constituents,” said Hon Ben Muasya at the formal launch of his campaign for Kitui West MP in September 2019. He has since sponsored several sports tournament and community fun activities besides supporting numerous fundraising activities as called upon by the community.

Having been on the ground for the last 3 years and formally in the last 2 years, Hon Ben Muasya has laid a very elaborate  framework geared at clinching the Kitui West MP and his numerous engagements with the community are paying off. The close association with DP Ruto and the increasingly popular UDA Party have also contributed in making Hon Ben Muasya the top and best-placed candidate to trounce the current area MP in 2022. He points that he was inspired to join politics by the good work done by his Starehe Boys schoolmates after joining politics in putting NG-CDF to good especially the Late Former Kibra MP Ken Okoth, Former Rarieda MP Raphael Tuju, Former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth and Machakos MP Daniel Maanzo.

Hon Ben Muasya has extensive experience in prudent public and private financial  management having worked as Tax Auditor in one of the leading corporate organizations in Kenya owing to his qualifications in ACCA and CPA. He has since left the corporate world for the business world and is the proprietor of one of the most prestigious entertainment joints in Nairobi City besides being a sought-after financial advisor for many foreign investors in Kenya. Hon Ben Musya is also an avid farmer who has transformed and modernized farming in his rural Kitui home and is now seeking a chance to replicate that miracle in the entire Kitui West.  There is no doubt that Hon Ben Muasya is ready to assume the leadership of Kitui West Constituency in 2022.

Kitui West UDA Point Men and MP Aspirant engaging with Deputy President William Ruto, the de facto UDA Leader

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Why Wakili Oliver Kipchumba’s Senatorial Bid is Good News for Uasin Gichu



Wakili Oliver Karori Kipchumba is set to debunk the myth that Uasin Gichu County cannot produce a Senator who is worthy the office. The County has won the notoriety in Senate as one that has misfortune of electing Senators who go in the opposite direction from the hopes and aspirations of the Uasin Gichu Residents. But that is about to change when Oliver Kipchumba, who has no serious challenger thus far, gets elected as the third Uasin Gichu Senator. With UDA Primaries just a fortnight away, Uasin Gichu Residents are showing open preference for Wakili Kipchumba as their Senator over Incumbent Governor Mandago who they see as part of the rotting wound in the County they are trying to cauterize.

One cannot argue with the fact that while Uasin Gichu County has many good things but it stands out as one of those counties in Kenya that has never been well represented in the Senate of Kenya since 2013. When Uasin Gichu Residents replaced the Silent Senator Isaac Melly (who spoke not once in the Senate) with Prof. Margaret Kamar, little did they know their Senator will make it her business to oppose what they support and support what they can’t stand at all.

Today, tired of shenanigans of Margaret Kamar, Uasin Gichu Residents are by all indications looking for new blood and a political firebrand to send to the Senate to voice their agenda. This is why many Uasin Gichu residents consider the entry of Lawyer Oliver Kipchumba into the Senatorial Race as God’s answer to their fervent prayers for someone to rescue them from the misfortune of deadbeat senators

The youthful and eloquent Oliver Kipchumba who describes himself as “a liberal conservative politician, an advocate, Political Commentator, Entrepreneur and a Committed Sunday School Teacher” reminds many Uasin Gichu residents of the young William Ruto who on arriving on the political stage in Eldoret North soon eclipsed those who had hitherto been deemed unbeatable and has never looked back. Many youth in the County also see Oliver Kipchumba candidature as  their chance to elect one of their own.

Oliver Kipchumba is not new to politics and leadership having been the Student Leader during his time at Moi University. He has since become a sought-after political debater by most National Television. He has also cut his teeth as a leading lawyer and has appeared for and represented many big names in court and in the boardroom. There is no denying when Uasin Gichu Residents elect Oliver Kipchumba in 2022 they shall have guarantee of the best and most articulate representation and oversight in the Senate.

Oliver is a duly admitted Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and an Holder of Masters of Laws (LL.M) from Strathmore University, Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from Moi University and Diploma in Laws from Kenya School of Law.  Besides his quest to clinch the Uasin Gichu Senator seat, Oliver has been at the forefront in recruiting, coordinating and leading professionals in support of the Deputy President Dr. William Ruto’s bid to be the next President.

Based on his slogan of Putting Devolution into Perspective, Oliver Kipchumba says the role of the Senator is indispensable as the official spokespersons of the County in Parliament. He believes the next Uasin Gichu Senator must ensure the County Residents and Kenyans at large enjoy the fruits of devolution and the Governors and MCAs live up to their manifesto and expectations of the residents. If elected, Oliver Kipchumba is determined to end the culture of excess and runaway graft in the counties and ensure that the Second Governor of Uasin Gichu County delivers for the people.

Wakili Oliver Kipchumba with Deputy President William Ruto, the Chief Guest during his recent LL.M Graduation.

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Wakili Mbaluka Switch to Vie for Machakos Senator a Hailed as Sure Win



Top Nairobi Lawyer Hon Joel Kyatha Mbaluka has joined United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and opted to vie for Machakos Senator, a move that has been hailed as a game changing hat trick and sure win by many political analysts. Many have hailed the move by Wakili Mbaluka to shift from the crowded Gubernatorial Race to vie for Machakos Senator as the right thing to given that Machakos Residents are frustrated by the illiteracy and incompetence of the Incumbent Senator and the other aspirants who have expressed interest in the seat left by Late Machakos Senator Hon Boniface Kabaka.

Wakili Mbaluka, being a counsel like Hon Boniface Kabaka, has been described as the right man to fit the big shoes left by the late articulate and firebrand senator who is already being missed by most residents who had grown to like his activism in the Senate. There is consensus among most Machakos Residents that they made a mistake in electing a Class 7 drop out to represent them in the current Senate which has become the house of the most learned debate.

Many Machakos County residents are alarmed that Senator Kavindu Muthama is yet to make a maiden speech more than one year since she was sworn in. In fact, many residents are not even aware who is their current Senator as they have not seen her in the news or speaking on the floor of the Senate. Even with all the stealing that has gone on in Machakos County in the last year, not once did Senator Kavindu as much as make a statement to call for transparency or accountability.

In fact, according to analysts, nothing has prepared Machakos County residents to elect another lawyer as Senator in August 2022 than having an incompetent gap Senator. People now can tell the difference between having a Senator who knows his job like Kabaka and having dead weight like Kavindu who is not even aware what is her job description. This is working to Wakili Joel Kyatha Mbaluka’s advantage given that he is considered as an outsider in Machakos County affairs and has no conflict of interest.

Analysts are also quick to note that Machakos County having rejected a Wiper Senate Candidate to elect Senator Kabaka, they will readily elect Senator Joel Kyatha Mbaluka to get the job done. Senator Mbaluka also has the advantage of coming from the Lower Machakos like Kabaka. His unity with UDA Chairman Hon Johnstone Muthama is likely to give him an advantage in other parts of Machakos which will sweep him to office with ease. As many have noted about Mbaluka’s shift to Senatorial race, holding all other factors constant, he may as well begin to prepare for swearing in as Next Machakos Senator.

Wakili Joel Kyatha Mbaluka when he joined UDA Presidential Candidate Dr. William Ruto at Masii in Mwala.

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Why Mbaluka is Preferred by 57% of Residents as Next Machakos Governor



Machakos Governor Aspirant Wakili Joel Kyatha Mbaluka continues to lead in the polls even as his rating among the County residents is soaring to new heights. This runaway popularity of the Lawyer has been attributed to his demonstration of understanding who is a Governor, what does a Governor do and what he Machakos electorate should expect from him as the next Governor. In the latest Machakos poll, Wakili Mbaluka is leading with 57% of Machakos County Residents saying if elections are held today they will vote for him. His nearest competitor has meagre 18% support less than a third of Mbaluka’s support.

The opinion poll sampled the opinion of Machakos residents by posing the question: Who is Machakos Next Governor? The county residents were given to choose between Hon Kyatha Mbaluka, Hon Wavinya Ndeti (CAS of Transport), Hon Florence Mwangangi (Machakos County Speaker), Hon Johnstone Muthama (Former Senator and UDA Chairperson), Hon Francis Maliti (Machakos Deputy Governor) and Hon Patrick Makau (Mavoko Constituency MP). In what has been described as a case of David versus Goliaths, Wakili Mbaluka is emerging as the leader in the crowded race for next Machakos Governor.

The success of Wakili Mabluka has been attributed to his understanding of the role of Governor and how he has gone about selling himself to residents across the County. “A Governor is a Manager of County Affairs and resources and should be a diligent Manager and Brilliant Organizer like Joel Kyatha Mbaluka who is both a learned Lawyer but holder of a Master in Financial Management. Machakos County Residents can count on Governor Mbaluka to prudently deal with their county affairs and ensure our County resources are not wasted or misappropriated by dishonest county workers and cartels,” said a Political Analyst who requested anonymity.

According to Wakili Mbaluka, a Governor ought to be a diligent manager who understands the problems of his People like himself. He notes that having grown up in squalor within Machakos County and having had to endure going to a Primary School seven kilometers away on bare feet and to fetch water with a donkey every afternoon after school 12 kilometers away for the family, he is the best placed to address the persisting water scarcity issue with finality amongst other issues such as unemployment, bad infrastructure and poorly stocked hospitals as outlined in his manifesto.

“As I have outlined in my manifesto and explained to Machakos County residents from Kalama to Mavoko to Mwala to Yatta and Muthesya, my Government will have people of Machakos County as the priority and county funds and resources will only be deployed to the most deserving of priority areas where the greatest number possible/attainable of Machakos County residents will Benefit instead of selfish ventures of greedy County officials to make maximum kickbacks at the expense of service delivery for the people,” said Wakili Mbaluka.

Mbaluka thanked Machakos County residents for embracing his message saying that all he is seeking the Governor seat to serve them better and create employment opportunities for disadvantaged Machakos youth, fresh graduates and people with disabilities within County structures and further to attract investors in our great County to open up factories, companies and godowns to employ our youth and to promote the welfare of people with disabilities as outlined in his manifesto. He also promised to ensure equity in the allocation of resources in all Machakos subcounties.

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