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Impromtu Mwingi Rally Confirmed Hon Gideon Mulyungi as a Political Juggernaut

No serious opponent has gathered the balls to face the bullish Hon Gideon Mulyungi in 2022 yet. With his two opponents in 2017, including Former MP, noncommittal many residents of Mwingi Central have welcomed the prospect of Hon Mulyungi cruising to office unopposed for his second term.



Mwingi Central MP Hon Gideon Mulyungi with Wiper Party Leader and Former Vice President H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka on Saturday

Mwingi Central MP Hon Gideon Mulyungi over the weekend hosted Wiper Leader and Former Vice President H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka for a massive stop over in Mwingi Town that has been hailed as one of the most massive seen in the entire Kitui County in recent days. Seen by many as a move engineered by the maverick MP to send a message to Kalonzo’s competitors for Presidency in 2022 that Ukambani is united and 100% behind his Presidential bid, Hon Gideon Mulyungi has been widely praised in Wiper circles for his versatile political organizing even on short notice.

Many observers were quick to note that the Mwingi Town stop over was impromptu given that Former Vice President was merely attending a Funeral Service in Mbondoni earlier in the day. The number that Hon Gideon Mulyungi drew on the short notice and his ability to marshal the entire Mwingi Region Wiper leadership including all incumbent MPs and even Former Senator Musila has been hailed as yet another proof that he is the de facto Wiper second in command after Kalonzo.

When Hon Mulyungi took to the podium, he whipped the crowd to a frenzy leading them to confirm that in 2022 Mwingi Votes shall go as a block to Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka who is in the race for President. At the same time, the mammoth crowd confirmed that they shall vote for Hon Gideon Mulyungi for his second term bid to win by landslide. Many analysts have been quick to observe that Hon Mulyungi has no significant competition going into 2022 and his re-election his as good as a forgone conclusion.

The Mwingi Rally has raised the stakes for H.E. Kalonzo Musyoka in becoming the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) flagbearer. The move by Hon Gideon Mulyungi to rally Mwingi residents to ward off attempts by DP Ruto to make forays in what is well-known as Kalonzo’s impregnable stronghold is seen as strategic as similar forays in the strongholds of other OKA principals last weekend were not met with such emphatic rejoinder. It has been observed that the low key nature of the Deputy President’s visit next day in Kitui Rural owed mainly to the Mwingi Rally  as it was clear that Kalonzo is still the King of Ukambani.

The other parties including UDA are yet to find a serious candidate for Mwingi Central who has the balls to face the bullish Hon Gideon Mulyungi in 2022. With the NARC candidate in 2017 having opted to run for Kitui Senator and the Jubilee candidate and Former MP noncommittal, residents of Mwingi Central welcome the prospect of Hon Mulyungi going back into office unopposed. As a matter of fact, even his challenger for Wiper ticket in 2017 appear to have learned to bite only what he can chew and Hon Gideon Mulyungi is not only poised to take Wiper ticket unopposed, he will cruise to early victory in 2022 on the back of his exceptional performance as MP, development record and project management.

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Why Wakili Joel Mbaluka is the Best and the Next Machakos Senator



As things stand, only Wakili Joel Kyatha Mbaluka , the UDA Candidate for Machakos Senator has the requisite intellectual and moral pedigree to serve as Machakos Senator and to rescue the good people of Machakos from ignominy of being referred to as the County with an illiterate Senator. Senate has come to be acknowledged as the theatre of brains where lawyers go to show off their stuff. In the current Senate alone, the number of elected Senators who are lawyers stand at sixteen (16), that is more than a third of the 47 elected Senators. And more than ever, more lawyers have been nominated under both Kenya Kwanza and Azimio Parties to serve as next Senator and Machakos cannot afford to be left behind as the County without a Lawyer for a Senator.

Lawyer Joel Kyatha Mbaluka is more than a leading and most respected lawyers in Kenya. He is eloquent and down to earth guy who seems to understand what Machakos county needs and already manifests the qualities of an able and articulate Senator who can exercise oversight and ensure the next Governor delivers for the people of Machakos. Lawyer Mbaluka is not only ripe for leadership but his speeches show him as a caring leader who is above the usual political theatrics and simply out to serve the Machakos People in the Office of Senator.

If you listen to Wakili Mbaluka making a presentation in a meeting, you will see him for what he is: A diligent professional who knows what to say and how to get things done with military precision. Given the consensus that Machakos County deserves a better representative Machakos at the Upper House of Senate than the travesty we have now, it is clear that only Wakili Mbaluka has the hallmarks of a super senator who can fit the big shoes and live up to the standard established by the Late Senate Kabaka in the service of Machakos County Residents in the Office of Senator.

Even more important, Lawyer Kyatha remain true to his manifesto even as his rival continue to confirm to Machakos People they have no agenda. According to Wakili Mbaluka, he is in the race to be the Next Machakos Senator because “Machakos deserves the best leadership for prudent management of our county affairs and effective oversight of the prioritized application and deployment of our county resources.” As how the County is managed has proved to be pivotal in determining the welfare of the Residents, more than ever it is critical that the People of Machakos elect the right Senator to see that their County Resources are managed effectively and efficiently without theft or pilferage.

It becomes even more clear why the People of Machakos County have to elect Wakili Mbaluka when you look at those he is running against and their motivation. The incumbent Agnes Kavindu Muthama (also known as Susu Kavindu) has reduced the Machakos Senatorial Seat as her opportunity to fight back after being divorced by her husband. Her manifesto can be summed up as: “Let’s fight Muthama together for divorcing me.” Kavindu has nothing to offer Machakos County residents, does not understand even the role of a Senator and her character is the worst example our women can hype.

The Former Minister Mutua Katuku (also known as Broker Katuku) is a sidekick of the outgoing Governor Alfred Mutua in every sense of the word. As an opportunist who rides on waves with no content or manifesto. He famously once abused the electorates just because he was the Assistant Minister of Finance that he can comfortably buy the poor residents of Mwala during elections time for it is the only time he needs them. Since then it appears the curse of the community has caught up with him. His manifesto is: “I have suffered enough out here, please rescue me before I die of tribulations.” Katuku should follow the example set for Former Kangundo MP Maitha and try his luck by vying for MCA.

Finally, there is the wannabe Urbanus Muthama Ngengele (Mbwii Bello), an illiterate insurance broker and ambulance chaser who struggles to even ask for water in English. He has no content and no capacity to represent the County at the local level as an MCA let alone at National level as Senator. He is a known joker who was rejected by Machakos people a year ago and who is sure to be rejected again. Like a bell in the hands of a mad man, you cannot understand whether he is coming or going. His manifesto “I am like a bell, if you ring me, I will ring” Voters have already chosen not to choose Ngengele because of his inconsistency and disorganization. There is simply no one who can compare with Wakili Joel Kyatha Mbaluka, the choice of People for the Next Machakos Senator come 9th August 2022.

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EALA MP Mbugua Receives UDA Nomination Certificate for Starehe MP



UDA National Elections Board Chair Anthony Mwaura Hands UDA Nomination for Starehe MP to Hon Simon Mbugua

It is no longer a matter of if or when EALA MP Hon Simon Mbugua will become the next Starehe MP. It is now clear that Hon Mbugua will be the next Starehe MP on Tuesday 9th August 2022. This is after the incumbent Starehe MP Hon Charles Njagua aka Jaguar conceded his defeat in the hands of Hon Mbugua during the UDA Nominations in a meeting chaired by UDA National Election Board (NEB) Chair Anthony Mwaura at Hustler Plaza, Ngong Road and attended by Prof. Kithure Kindiki on behalf of UDA Party Leader DP William Ruto.

After the meeting, Hon Charles Njagua witnessed the handing over of the UDA Nomination Certificate for Starehe MP to Hon Simon Mbugua by the NEB Chair Anthony Mwaura. Njagua and Mbugua shook hands in an event that was attended and witnessed by other UDA Aspirants for Nairobi including UDA Governor Candidate Senator Hon Johnson Sakaja and Nominated Senator and UDA Women Representative Candidate Hon Millicent Omanga.

The consensus between Hon Charles Njagua and Hon Simon Mbugua ends the fierce jostling that has dragged on for months as the two leaders engaged in supremacy battles for leadership of the Constituency that is the heartbeat of Nairobi City. However, it was clear to all that Hon Simon Mbugua had the upper hand and was the preferred choice for Starehe Residents to lead the CBD Constituency. The consensus between Hon Simon Mbugua literally seals the win for UDA as the seat is as good as reserved for the Party.

As many analysts have been quick to comment on the clinching of the UDA ticket by Hon Simon Mbugua, the race for the next Starehe MP has ended even before it began. Hon Mbugua is the most recognizable political brand in Nairobi County and one of the point men of Deputy President William Ruto in the City and his bid for Starehe MP was never expected to attract any competition within UDA ranks or even from other parties. In fact, his interest in the Starehe MP has been blamed for the fact that the other parties have been unable to attract serious opponents to run against him as many are quick to admit that Hon Mbugua is unbeatable even if he opted to run for Governor of Nairobi.

Most Nairobi Residents in Starehe and beyond are aware that Hon Simon Mbugua still remember that he sacrificed his Jubilee nomination in Kamukunji in the last election for the sake of the party’s tribal balance in the City and for Jubilee to win. Today, Hon Simon Mbugua commands a fanatical following which greets him everywhere he turns in the City. Many point out that Hon Simon Mbugua is also now one of the most qualified and exposed of the City MPs given his stint at the Arusha based EALA Assembly where he has gained invaluable experience.

It is expected that the firebrand career legislator will apply his experience and contacts while at EALA to help especially the burgeoning Juakali Sector in Starehe take advantage of the East African Export Market for their wares.  Hon Simon Mbugua is also expected to leverage his close relationship with DP Ruto to ensure he delivers bottom up for his Starehe constituents. It is a fact that many Hustlers in Nairobi CBD and its environs see Hon Simon Mbugua who started where they are as their role model and the only one who can best understand what ails them and how to fix it.

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Chaos in Wiper as Kiema Appeals Claiming Malombe is Not a Wiper Member



Ambassador Julius Kiema Kilonzo has lodged an appeal against what he terms as illegal and unconstitutional nomination of Julius Malombe as the Wiper Candidate for Kitui Governor. In the appeal, lodged through the firm of Former LSK President Eric Kyalo Mutua, OGW, E.K. Mutua & Co. Advocates, Ambassador Kiema expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision(s) of the Wiper National Executive Council (NEC) and National Elections Board (NEB) to give the party ticket for Kitui Governor to Julius Malombe to his detriment.

In Particular, Ambassador Kiema has appealed against the decision of the National Executive Council (NEC) dated 18th April 2022 in which it deliberated and made resolutions in form of recommendations and approved the issuance of a direct Nomination Certificate titled WIPER DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT- NATIONAL ELECTIONS BOARD, UNOPPOSED CANDIDATE for Kitui gubernatorial seat to Dr. Julius Makau Malombe as the Party candidate in the upcoming general elections to be held on the 9th August 2022.

It is the position of Ambassador Kiema that the Wiper Party’s decision that Dr. Julius Malombe was an unopposed WDM candidate for Kitui gubernatorial position is blatant injustice against him as a Wiper Member and paid Gubernatorial candidate who had legitimate expectation to participate in free and fair nomination as provided for in the Wiper Democratic Movement Constitution when he paid up the fees for the ticket.

According to Ambassador Kiema and his lawyers, Wiper erred in fact and in law in failing to use either indirect party nominations method or direct party nominations method as provided for under Sections 38A to 38H of the Political Parties Act.  In any case, Wiper Party organs, namely NEC and NEB, failed to conduct nominations by either all universal suffrage of registered voters and members of the party and or members of parties forming a coalition with WDM or through selected delegates.

As a matter of fact, Wiper in its decision dated 12th April 2022 and 17th April 2022 had resolved that the party will conduct party primaries and or nomination elections by all universal suffrage in electing its party candidate for the seat of Governor Kitui County and that the Party will not issue a direct Party ticket or direct Nomination Certificate to any of the Party Aspiring Candidates.

Interestingly, as Ambassador Kiema points out in his letter to Wiper, the decision of Wiper to award Malombe the ticket was based on disputed, doctored and fraudulent opinion polls which were conducted in violation of international standards on research methodology and science. It add that it is clear that these polls were based on opinions that are clandestine, fraudulent, and the process and results do not pass the integrity, transparency and accountability tests.

As it turns out, Dr. Julius Malombe wrote to Wiper on the 13th April 2022 indicating that he was not ready to participate in Nominations and seeking and asking to be issued with a direct Nomination Certificate. As a result, Wiper wrote a letter dated 16th April 2022 to Ambassador Kiema urging him to explore a consensus. However, even before granting Ambassador Kiema a fair hearing or any hearing for that matter, Wiper went ahead to issue a direct ticket to Malombe in complete disregard of Article 47 of the Constitution of Kenya and the Fair Administrative Action Act.

The question everyone has been asking is why did Wiper received Kiema’s nomination fee of Kshs. 500,000/- and unjustly enrich itself and its officials if it had no intention of conducting a free and fair nomination exercise and or at all. Even more painful is the fact that Wiper has imposed an exorbitant Appeals Filing fees of Kshs.125,000/= to prevent litigants from filing appeals with the Wiper Appeal Board.

This not only illegal but it is callous as it affects access to Justice for those challenging Wiper decisions. It is calculated to block candidates from accessing the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal and Ambassador Kiema may be forced to challenge the matter in a constitutional court. As a matter of law, one has to exhaust the Party Internal Dispute Resolution Mechanism (IDRM) before resorting to the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal.

The irony and the strength of Ambassador Kiema’s case is that WDM Party issued a direct ticket to Dr. Julius Makau Malombe as an unopposed candidate for Kitui County gubernatorial seat after he communicated in writing that he was not ready to participate in the party primaries. This action amounts to confirmation that Malombe was not ready to abide by the Wiper Party Constitution. In so doing, Malombe had effectively and constructively withdrawn from membership of the party and from the contest.

Ambassador Kiema is demanding that Wiper Appeal Board cancels the Direct Ticket issued to Malombe. He also wants mandatory order to issue compelling Wiper to conduct party primaries for Kitui County gubernatorial seat through all universal suffrage and or direct nomination method and or through nomination elections. In the alternative, Kiema demands to be issued with a Nomination Certificate as the Wiper Democratic Candidate for Kitui gubernatorial seat or position in the upcoming general elections to be held on the 9th August 2022.

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